Andrew Garbarino

Andrew Garbarino, wants to be Long Island’s hometown congressman, representing you in Washington. He grew up on Long Island. He still live there.

The Garbarino family goes back in this area three generations. They owned small businesses from Bayshore to Patchogue. My grandfather and great uncle owned local grocery stores, his uncle – the local deli, and his dad – the local law firm, where he currently work.

Andrew, went to Sayville High School, was in student government and worked at the local hardware store. He received my communion and confirmation at St. Lawrence. Andrew, still go to Mass there today. He went away to college – to Washington, DC, and graduated from The George Washington University before he came back to Long Island to attend law school at Hofstra.

Since 2013, He has represented the south shore in the New York State Assembly. Andrew is a Republican and a conservative.

In Albany, he has been fighting against Governor Cuomo’s liberal machine that wants to raise our taxes, and move more control of our business and personal lives to Albany or DC. He fought Cuomo’s so-called “bail reform” scheme that allows MS-13 members to walk free, and stood up to Cuomo’s crazy idea of giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

Andrew has always worked to protect our greatest resource, the Great South Bay, and like my friends, Congressmen Pete King & Lee Zeldin, he will do his part to help drain the swamp, and shake up Washington.

Join him – and together, we will send a new generation of leadership to Washington.