Blake Moore

Early Life and Family

Born and raised in Ogden, Blake learned responsibility and hard work from his dad; and all about optimism and service from his mom. Blake got picked on plenty as the youngest of five kids, but now we just debate who was the best athlete. Blake was. If they want to refute that, they are welcome to run for Congress. 

Simply put, sports taught Blake the importance of relying on those around you, and that constant improvement is possible. During Blake’s senior year, he was awarded the Wendy’s National High School Heisman, honoring high school seniors for athletics, academics, and citizenship. This brought all sorts of unexpected experiences from articles in church magazines to being honored by Governor Leavitt and the Utah Legislature, and the late Mayor Glenn J. Mecham dedicating December 23rd as Blake Moore Day in Ogden. What Blake remembers most, however, was a brief conversation with a Heisman trustee after the ceremony. He mentioned that it was Blake’s Eagle Scout and other service projects that set him apart. Blake remembers thinking at the very moment – “I’m not special, that’s just the way we raise kids in Northern Utah.”

After graduating high school, Blake signed a scholarship to play quarterback at Utah State University for a mentor and friend Dave Arslanian (Coach Ars). In Logan, Blake became fast friends with Aggie basketball great Spencer Nelson, and he and Blake entered the Missionary Training Center on the same day. They remain the closest of friends and have become real estate partners for a small business based in Logan, UT. Blake served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Seoul, South Korea and finished his bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. Blake later obtained a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.

Service and Professional Experience

Blake began his career by serving our country in various civilian roles, most notably as a Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State, in the intelligence and defense community. This service first took Blake to Washington D.C. and then Asia, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the threats we face from foreign enemies, and where he was involved in our foreign policy approach to the Chinese government. Serving in this capacity also gave Blake a unique understanding of what is vital and what is wasteful in our federal government. 

For nearly the last decade, Blake has been with Cicero Group, a Utah-based management consulting firm, where he has helped businesses grow and helped organizations solve complex problems. Blake’s primary role is to collect information, analyze it, create a plan, and then take companies through the change process. Over the last three years, Blake has worked extensively with George W. Bush Institute’s school leadership team to help school districts effectively recruit, retain, and develop K-12 principals and administrators. In addition to education, Blake has led projects in healthcare, higher education, marketing, waste, and transportation. Blake has also done extensive policy-related work with public sector clients as the practice lead for Dan Jones and Associates. 

Outside of work, Blake has invested heavily in community-building efforts on behalf of the Utah Adoption Exchange and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Blake founded a local kickball event that supported the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program focusing on finding forever families for children in foster care. He was also recently appointed as co-chair to help develop the next generation of chamber of commerce leaders.

Ready to Serve

A mentor recently told Blake the following, “I once thought service was the sacrifice, but later realized you must sacrifice for the privilege to serve.” This community set Blake up for success by teaching him the value of service and the importance of commitment. Those traits have been a common thread throughout his life, and it is time to give that back to the 1st District.  

Blake is running for Congress to ensure we have conservative leadership for our nation’s future. Who we send to Washington matters. Elections are about the future and the stakes have never been higher.