Chele Farley

Chele Farley was inspired by her parents to work hard, succeed and help others. Chele’s father was a scientist who encouraged her to study math, science and engineering. Her interest in these fields led her to major in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University and influenced her commitment to expand educational opportunities in these challenging subjects for all children.

After graduating from Stanford, Chele joined the financial services industry in New York. She worked at UBS Capital and Goldman Sachs before joining Mistral Capital International, which is a private equity investment firm specializing in the real estate and energy industries. As a Partner and Managing Director, Chele was responsible for sourcing, executing and overseeing principal investments around the world. She also is a member of several corporate boards, where she focuses on financial responsibility and limiting spending.

To provide students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to receive an outstanding college education, Chele was the Co-Chair of the East Coast Advisory Board of Questbridge, which partners with 40 prestigious universities and has sent over 10,000 talented low-income students to these schools free of charge. Chele also is a board member of the WordPress Foundation and she’s active with the Alzheimer’s Association and the New York City Steering Committee.