Cindy Siegel

Cindy Siegel is a conservative Republican who wants to take back Texas Congressional District 7 from big government Democrats.  She believes that family, faith and freedom are the bedrock of our great nation and that the Democrats have abandoned traditional conservative values.

Cindy has been an active Republican and has the history of voting in Republican primaries for decades and inspecial electionslike the Harris County flood bonds.

Cindy has spent countless hours volunteering for Republican candidates including Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, Ed Emmett, Joan Huffman and our Republican judges.  Cindy served as Treasurer and Vice-Chairman of Harris County Republican Party and active in Republican Women’s Clubs and conservative groups.  Currently, Cindy is President of the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women’s Clubs – an organization that includes 40 Republican Women’s Clubs as members.  She also serves on the board for the Texas Federated Republican Women.

Cindy supports President Trump in his fight to fix our broken immigration system and control our borders. Cindy supports rebuilding our military because peace comes through strength. Cindy supports a patient- oriented private health care system rather a federal health care bureaucracy.