Dan Rodimer

Washington DC politics can be a lot like a wrestling cage match. You never know where that well-placed elbow or unethical folding chair side swipe will come from.

Now Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District will have someone who can take a chair to the back and keep fighting for us. Big Dan is a winner and he will stand tall with us in these important battles and make a difference in our lives.

At a time when politicians lack principles and values, or fail to know what their communities really need, Big Dan Rodimer is ready to stand tall for what he believes in. A six foot-seven former pro wrestler known for his boundless energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for bettering his community, Big Dan is ready to get in the ring for us.

Rodimer believes in bettering his community by putting others first. He devotes his time to local nonprofits that serve those in need in the greater Las Vegas area. Whether supporting back to school clothing drives or serving on the Clark County School District Safety Board, you can count on Big Dan to be there.

Outside of his community work, Rodimer has successfully started several small businesses that have employed many hard-working families throughout Nevada. While working hard meet a payroll, balance the books, and create jobs, he also prioritizes spending time with his wife and five young children.

It’s no secret; Big Dan’s athletic career emboldened his work ethic and appreciation for teamwork, both of which have become defining characteristics for his life and career. Rodimer’s big presence (and big laugh) first gained notoriety when he entered the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring in 2006.

Prior to starting a family and launching successful small businesses, he earned a law degree at Ave Maria School of Law in south Florida and graduated in 2013. A native of Rockaway, New Jersey, and a natural athlete, he attended high school at Seton Hall Preparatory High School in West Orange, New Jersey. After graduating high school, Big Dan went to the University of South Florida, where he continued playing football.

Nevada needs a leader who isn’t afraid to get in the ring, mix it up, and fight every day for our families, our businesses, and our communities. Big Dan is our man. He will be the new, exciting voice for us in Washington and take a folding chair to the establishment and really change the way things are done.