Genevieve Collins

A 7th Generation Texan and lifelong Republican; Genevieve Collins is a next generation leader who can bridge our past with our present and lead us into a bright and prosperous future. Hard work, determination, and grit are literally in Genevieve’s DNA. Her grandmother, Calvert Collins, was a trailblazer; the first woman elected to the Dallas City Council. Genevieve has built upon that legacy of service with her own good work.

​A graduate of SMU’s Cox School of Business and renowned local businesswoman, Genevieve was named one of 2018’s local 20 Under 40 for her remarkable work helping to turn around low-performing school districts and change students’ lives.

The Head of Corporate Strategy at Istation, a leading education technology firm that supports students and teachers reach their academic goals using personalized learning to pinpoint every student exact reading and math ability, Genevieve has worked with school districts large and small across the country to bring a world-class education to all students regardless of where they live. As a public education advocate, Genevieve’s success even brought her to Washington DC, where she proposed landmark education reforms directly to Vice President Pence.