Irina Vilarino

Irina Vilariño is a mother and business owner residing in South Florida.
As a small child, she arrived in Florida from Cuba with her family as part of the Mariel boat lift in 1980. Her parents sought freedom, political stability, and the ability to live in dignity, and Irina has followed in their footsteps with that same direction in her own life.

Like many new exiles, her parents started out with a simple small business: a fruit-stand. Just a few years later, her parents opened their first restaurant in 1984. The family business has now expanded to include multiple restaurants and real estate investments, and in that process, they have employed hundreds of people throughout South Florida. Irina attended Stetson University and Florida International University in Miami. Her views on our economy and the American Dream have been largely shaped by the real-world experience gained from taking a leadership role in the family business her entire adult life.

Irina understands and is committed to supporting policies that promote and expand free enterprise. As an early and strong supporter of President Trump’s policies, she has seen the boost his tax cuts have provided to businesses and employees, and she is committed to getting rid of the regulation and red tape that stifles job creation.

Irina knows firsthand the difference between freedom and oppression. Her father and uncle both were political prisoners in the Castro gulags. She believes deeply in protecting our constitutional rights, including the right to life and to keep and bear arms. She is fully behind President Trump’s efforts to protect our borders, and she stands with him in his tough stance against dictators like Nicolas Maduro, Raul Castro, and Daniel Ortega.

Because she has lived the American Dream, Irina is passionate about preserving the possibility of achieving success for other families in search of a better life. She and her eight-year-old daughter worship at Epiphany Catholic Church