Jason Atkinson

Jason served as an Oregon State Senator from 2000 to 2013. He also ran for Governor of Oregon in 2006 and served as an Oregon State Representative from 1998 to 2000.

During his time as a State Senator, he worked across party lines to pass legislation on early funding of Education Budget, Renewable Energy Policy, Hunger Relief, Natural Resources/Conservation and Tax Reform.  

He earned reputation as coalition leader and strategic planner on issues ranging from management policy of $42 billion budget to executive/legislative branch negotiations.

Jason also had extensive experience advocating to and negotiating issues with U.S. Congress, the Executive Branch and Federal Agencies for issues effecting Oregon. 

He created and developed first sister-state relationship between a U.S. state and Kurdistan Regional Government. 

He hired and managed office personnel; administered statewide constituent services on all issues where a person has grievance, concern, or is in need of legislative remedy with State Government.

He served as trade representative to China, Japan, and Taiwan resulting in Oregon Agricultural products being sold at retail locations across Taiwan and reforestation partnerships with China.   

Outside of his government service, Jason worked in the corporate arena.

Under the auspices of J.A. Atkinson Enterprises, LLC, Atkinson has consulted Native Tribes, corporations, non-profits, and many start-up companies. Foremost, the practice has been built on establishing the correct teams of professionals and executing focused business objectives. Projects have included the Portland Diamond Project (bringing MLB to Oregon), Auto Lead Star and ReSec, both Tel Aviv companies, McDonalds Corp, Montag Resources, Inc., an Oregon company, ZetaRx a Los Angeles-based cancer research company, Multifamily Housing Northwest, and Advanced Aid and Response- a humanitarian company.  

The firm has conducted aggressive business financial turnarounds of companies and acquiring private equity for projects up to – $2.4 billion dollars.

Additional contributions for clients have varied widely from changing management to corporate re-branding, from managing legal, tax, and capitalization requirements for start-up non-profit foundations to negotiating complex real estate transactions between private, public and private non-profit buyers and sellers. 

Jason has held many roles in the non-profit sector. Please refer to the following:

Commissioner, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Member, Oregon Film and Television Board

Chairman of the Board, the Dove Network

Founding Trustee of Crater Lake National Park Trust

  • Passed legislation creating the Oregon Crater Lake license plate which became the fastest selling vanity plate in America.  Proceeds from the sale helped the CLNPT restore many historic buildings at the Park and the interest on the principle will operate student “classroom in the park” programs into perpetuity. Raised over $3M.

Member of the Board, Oregon Capitol Foundation

Founding Member of the Board, The Protectors

  • Unlike traditional anti-bullying efforts that focus primarily upon reforming children who bully and which are historically ineffective, The Protectors focuses primarily upon the potential strength, heroic desire, and rescuing capacity of Bystanders, transforming them into what we call “Alongside Standers.” The Protectors provides assertiveness training for Targets, help Authority dispel the many damaging myths about bullying, and inspire children who bully to employ their power in life-affirming directions instead.

Past Founding Chairman of the Board, Peter R. Marsh Foundation 

  • Founded the PRMF to fund the Northwest Center for Servant Leadership to train small and medium business owners, supply chain vendors, and emerging business leaders in the areas of servant leadership and ethical business practices.

Founding Board Member of H.A.N.D. (Helping Assist Nepal’s Disabled)

Past Member of the Board, Sparrow Clubs National Board

Past Member of the Board, Be a Fit Kid 

Jason also worked in the realm of diplomacy in both the Middle East and Central America. His achievements are the following:


  • Extensive work in Jordan with Advanced Aid and Response International.
  • Extensive work with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq.
  • Created a national Leader-to-Leader program between Kurdish and American Leaders.
  • Worked to coordinate reforestation efforts between agricultural leaders in the US, the Kurdish Government and the University of Salahaddin.
  • Worked on the “Thank You America” public relations team for the US and the UK.
  • Supported work of the Servant Group and classical schools in the Kurdish region.


  • Worked with the Panamanian Supreme Court for the release of two American citizens.  
  • Worked with the Panamanian Senate and wide diversity of Panamanian religious leaders for the creation of Panamanian National Day of Prayer.
  • Negotiated with the Mexican government on several visa, humanitarian and religious projects.


  • Extensive work with the United States State Department on visa cases for people of Nepal, China, Panama, Kurdistan, the UK, New Zealand and Russia.

Traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.