Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale, 59, is a conservative businessman who has dedicated his life to working for Montana. He is the son and brother of U.S. Marines.   

Matt and his wife, Jean, have been living at their ranch in Glendive for nearly 20 years. They chose to make Montana home because they love and share Montana values where 
faith, family, and community are still important.  They’ve been married for 33 years and have three sons, Matthew Jr., Brien and Adam who all graduated from Dawson County High School. 

Matt’s an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and every year opens up their ranch to the Glendive community so that kids, families, and veterans can hunt, camp, and recreate.

On their ranch, Matt spent many long hours working on the land and helping his neighbors’ brand and herd cattle, haul crops from the field, and rebuild fences after a prairie fire. Matt knows the value of hard-work and the importance of being there to lend a helping-hand to your neighbors.