Michael Ghassali

Mike Ghassali

My family and I came to New Jersey in the 1980’s, following the election of Ronald Reagan, seeking the American Dream. I’m proud of my family. My mother and father are both tailors and made their own success. They taught me the value of hard work, which is how I put myself through school, grew a business, started a family, and became an American Citizen!

Ironically, as a bald man, some of the first businesses I built before selling them to my employees were hair salons! Since then, I’ve worked in Unilever in Englewood Cliffs for 15 years where I started my own supply chain solutions business. In 2011, I joined Feed the Children to combat child hunger in America, helping families and veterans across the country.

I served on the Montvale City Council, and in 2015 I was elected Mayor. I have a proven track record in reducing taxes, cutting unnecessary spending, and adding revenue. I’m business centric and understand economic development with over 25 years in corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations.

I have degrees in Biology and Sociology, and currently hold a Top-Secret Clearance to consult as a language analyst on human rights causes with refugees and child hunger. I currently live in Montvale with my wife Maryann, and my two sons, Ellie and Danny.