Mike Covert

The Low County has been home for Mike Covert for more than twenty years. 

Mike is the oldest of two brothers growing up in a modest home where work ethic was instilled as the highest priority.

His father was a teacher and a coach, giving Mike the understanding and importance of education and leadership. Through his relationship with his father, he grew to understand the importance that our educators have on our country and it is a passionate subject for Mike as a father and grandfather.

Mike’s mother created the home and taught Mike the lessons of patience and compassion, having a lasting effect on Mike today. 

As a 15-year-old, Mike began his service to his community volunteering with the County Rescue Squad (This is before we called it EMS). At age 17 he first performed CPR in the field and just before his 18th birthday, he delivered his first baby.


His first job was at a Safeway and he has loved work ever since. In 1984 during High School, Mike entered the HVAC business. Often, he would do half days at school and work the other half to pursue his career. In 2007, Mike became an entrepreneur, taking a risk and starting Covert Aire. Under Mike’s leadership, Covert Aire was the preferred HVAC company throughout the Low Country, expanding to offices in Savannah, GA. 

Under his leadership, Covert Aire created two programs to assist the community, Operation “Heat Up” & “Cool Down”. They did this with the local radio and selected different candidates through an application process. The program did over $10,000 in labor and parts. This is not including the dozens of free work and food drives he did for those in the community. The children’s park in Bluffton is now named after Covert Aire because he donated funds to have the park commissioned. Since Mike started his work with helping the community Covert Aire gave more than 2.75 Million dollars to the community through various means of production and donations. 

After creating hundreds of jobs and fulfilling his dream of entrepreneurship, Mike sold Covert Aire to R.S. Andrews in 2019 just before considering his bid for Congress.  Covert Aire still operates today as part of the R.S. Andrews family.


Mike has held a plethora of titles in his community continuing his public service that began in his teenage years. As a businessman, he joined the Rotary Club and became the President in 2009 and 2010. He served as a member of the Beaufort County Capital Improvement Commission in 2014. Mike also was Chairman of the School Improvement Council in 2016. Today he sits on the County Council and has a fervent passion for improving his community. 


Mike is happily married to his wife Theresa and they have a large blended family of 4 girls, 7 grandchildren and #8 on the way, and their two dogs; Carolina and Beaux. Mike and Theresa re-met at their 20th High School reunion and are building a house in Beaufort County, where they currently live. 


As a member of the Coastal Conservation Association Mike considers the great outdoors something to be cherished and enjoyed. As a life long member of the NRA and GOA, he enjoys going to the range and showing off his gun collection to close friends and family. However, his most exercised hobby is philanthropy.

Aside from his public service and volunteering, since becoming a businessman, he has devoted most of his extra time and money to make the Low Country a better place. He has done 2 earnest medical mission trips to Belize. He was stationed at the border of Guatemala and Belize assisting in giving the native people health care that they would not have otherwise received.