Peter Meijer

Peter Meijer

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Peter is a proud fourth generation West Michigander.

After high school, Peter spent a proud year at the United States Military Academy at West Point before a desire to be closer to the action, and a more rapid path to combat, compelled him to transfer to Columbia University and enlist in the Army Reserves. At Columbia, he campaigned for the landmark Post-9/11 GI Bill and advocated for the return of ROTC to campus. In 2010, Peter deployed to Iraq as a non-commissioned officer, setting aside his studies to serve with an intelligence unit at joint US-Iraqi bases in the Baghdad area.

In Iraq, Peter conducted intelligence operations to protect American and allied forces. As a sergeant, he led soldiers and missions that resulted in the detention of enemy operatives responsible for killing American soldiers and disrupted Iranian-backed efforts to take more American lives.

After returning from Iraq in 2011 and finishing college, Peter became active once more in the veterans community, continuing to serve on the board of directors of Student Veterans of America and joining Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster response organization. With Team Rubicon, Peter led humanitarian efforts in South Sudan dealing with a refugee crisis, and also led operations in New York after Superstorm Sandy, Oklahoma after a series of devastating tornadoes, and in the Philippines after Super Typhoon Yolanda.

While in the Philippines, Peter accepted a job with a conflict analysis NGO in Afghanistan, arriving in Kabul on Christmas Day 2013 to provide safety and security advice and assistance to the aid community. Peter ran the NGO’s advisory operations in southern Afghanistan from Kandahar City, managing a large team to help aid workers safely deliver much-needed assistance to the Afghan people. Peter last served as acting Deputy Director for Afghanistan, delivering emergency assistance to aid workers after kidnappings and targeted killings.

From Afghanistan, Peter pursued his MBA at New York University before returning to Michigan to work in urban redevelopment. A passion for service, and for West Michigan, compels Peter to continue to seek ways to serve his community by running for Congress.