Renee Unterman

A lifelong resident of Gwinnett County, Renee Unterman has developed a reputation for being the trusted leader her neighbors can count on. She has focused on health care, job creation, transportation, and the kitchen table issues that improve the lives of Forsyth and Gwinnett County residents. Renee has delivered on lower taxes, better access to health care and protecting Georgia’s most vulnerable.

In the Georgia Senate, Renee has never been afraid to stand alone, as long as she’s standing up for what is right. She has a proven record of fighting human trafficking, working to curb opioid addiction, improving mental health care, and ensuring we protect all Georgians at every stage of life.

With a background in health care, Renee has served as a small town mayor and county commissioner in Gwinnett County. Renee knows her roots, and that’s why she knows that strong families lead to strong communities. That’s why her neighbors in Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties will always be her focus in Washington.