Steve House

Steve House has lived in Colorado for more than 15 years and was raised in Michigan in a small farming community. One of 6 brothers and sisters, Steve had a challenging up bringing due to having a birth defect of the kidneys; a medical condition that inspired him to get involved in the healthcare industry at an early age. The first member of his family to attend college, he became an engineer working on the first CAT Scan machines installed in the United States. During his 35-year career in healthcare he has also worked for Philips, GE, Aetna and Kaiser doing global service management, sales, marketing, executive management and consulting.

After running for Colorado Governor as a Republican in 2014, Steve was elected State Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party in early 2015. Steve is married to his wife Donna,  who previously served as a member of the 27J school board. They have 6 children between them and six grandchildren 5 years of age and under. Steve and Donna share a passion for their faith and a love of the outdoors.  They consider themselves blessed to have travelled to all 64 counties while Steve served as State Chairman.

Since his days as Chairman, Steve has worked tirelessly to promote bold solutions and Colorado values that can inspire a new generation of great elected officials.  Throughout his life, he has led by bringing people from all walks of life together to solve complex problems with innovative solutions.

Steve and Donna are both Rotarian’s and support missions here in the US and abroad.  Most recently, they served children in Kenya where they started a non-profit to support Kenyan education and education in the surrounding regional African countries. They are supporters of the Boys and Girls Club, Almost Home, the Denver Institute for Urban Studies and many other important causes. Steve is a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board in the metro area. 

No matter the challenge, Steve’s pragmatic focus on local, municipal and regional issues that affect Coloradans will always prevail over Washington bureaucracy.  Steve knows that Washington is only a destination to serve our cities, and will always think of Brighton, Colorado as his home.